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How to Create the Ultimate Online Media

How to Create the Ultimate Online Media Kit Michael Hyatt has provided a very detailed layout of what to do to when creating an online media kit. Check it out at .

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June 15th is right around the corner!

June 15th is right around the corner! What to get him on Father’s Day? Try Amazon or the Dollar Shave Club at . Dads with beards might not want this as a gift. Just a suggestion…

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Giving Thanks

This weekend is not about sales or big discounts. Monday is for us to remember those who fought and died to uphold what we believe in; bow heads in remembrance to our fallen soldiers, currently serving overseas, and for soldiers

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Busy jamming to Peaches by Presidents

Busying jamming to Peaches by Presidents of the United States, while typing up my attempt at romance. This has no relation to any kind of romance novel I might be writing, but it is what I’m pouring into my

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Preventing Child Abuse

Recently, Adam Santo wrote a piece about child abuse and what those memories of abuse did for him. Here is an excerpt from his blog post: Why do we shut out the truth to bring vivification to a fancifully developed

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Giveaway No13

This is the final code! Ending it on the lucky number thirteen is the perfect way to call it a night. Thank you all for participating and sharing the Tweets. @ACX_COM helped me make all of this possible. Their endless

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Giveaway No12

It is finally coming to an end.

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Giveaway No11

Panhandling Fantasy (me) would like to thank you for helping us out by RTing these #giveaways. It is almost over.

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Giveaway No10

The time has come to say goodbye … but not yet. Just a few more codes are coming your way – soon!

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Giveaway No9

I believe I’m running out of codes. Hope you get one of them!

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