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Preventing Child Abuse

Recently, Adam Santo wrote a piece about child abuse and what those memories of abuse did for him. Here is an excerpt from his blog post: Why do we shut out the truth to bring vivification to a fancifully developed

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Another Year has Past-Rest in Peace 2012

What a year it has been for all of us. The world almost came to an end (again), our faith in Wall Street sits on a fiscal cliff like lemmings waiting to take that final step over the edge, an

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When the Snows Begin and the Stress Accumulates

  Delicate flakes of ice trickle down from lofty white clouds on a cold November eve. Smells of forgotten memories lift on a light breeze towards your car; pumpkin pie – still warm from baking – rests in your hands

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What spending time means…

We had a blast at sports camp. Two days left before its over. He’ll be sad, but we can keep practicing until school starts. We hope to foster a deeper love of the game and sign him up in

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Merry Christmas

On this rainy day (I’ll make believe it’s snowing) We wish all a Merry Christmas. I wouldn’t call it a Christmas gift, but my daughter moved out this month and my son has already picked his first career choice –

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Accident prone?

    I tried to do this over my phone the other day and it kicked me out saying something was too long. This would have been posted earilier this week instead of to following weekend.     My son last weekend

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‘Twas the Season…

  How do ever end up running amuck for celebrating a single holiday? I don’t think it matters which holiday it might be, but in the end finding something (anything) last minute has become a tradition for every family however

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The fun of sun…

LiveJournal Tags: family,fun,lessons Tags: family,fun,lessons Flickr Tags: Family,fun,lessons Such a sunny afternoon and no worries to care about, so you think. Do you ever remember a parent telling you something to do (or not to do) and find out

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Homestead Videos

Just some of the things we get to enjoy when looking. Memories are even better when you can remember the camera AND to charge the battery!

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My first true blog … I think? Also finger not used to typing.

    A lot has changed since my first attempt at doing this. I hope writing here will break the sheet of ice over the "well" of ideas for writing books I have stopped trying to do. We have had a

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