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Preventing Child Abuse

Recently, Adam Santo wrote a piece about child abuse and what those memories of abuse did for him. Here is an excerpt from his blog post: Why do we shut out the truth to bring vivification to a fancifully developed

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Scraps of a Book Part 1: What is in a Story

What’s in a story? A lot of words – right, but what else? We take for granted the author’s creativity. Their hours toiling over scenarios, building plots, breathing life into characters, and let us not forget that they strive to

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Doubting Success

At the beginning of this year you might’ve found a little bird sitting on your shoulder and tweeting new book ideas for the coming year. As cheery and prosperous as the chipper bird’s song made you feel, self manufactured doubt

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Temperature: Dead and Rising

Temperature: Dead and Rising. This is a link to my old WordPress account. I found there were too many started and I am now consolidating them into one big blog. Please take the time to read what I left behind,

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