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Ringing in the New Year.

When the winter months breach our warm comfort zone of fall, I find myself reminiscing over the last eleven months. Bad came with good and long exhausting hours behind a monitor paid off. The Scrooge in me tried several times

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When the Couch Eats Your Change – This is Where It Goes

 I’m working with Indiegogo to promote my third novel in the Temperature Trilogy.  We are seeking out pledges to fund the publishing dream. If you are a fan of my work, but cannot donate at this time you may want

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Being Too Literal?

Being literal has its good and bad days. My son taught me this the other day when he had a test about vocabulary. He had to memorize a group of definitions for the upcoming test and the word ‘sharing’ was

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Scraps of a Book Part 3 – Words Fill a Void

(About this author: Adam Santo was born and raised in Southern California before moving to Colorado for a short fifteen year stay. Currently he lives in Florida with his family. He has a passion to help with Parkinson’s Research and

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Scraps of a Book Part 2: What is his Name?

In my last post I talked a little about outlines and where they could lead. Today, I want to focus on characters and their importance (in short form because otherwise this could be a very long blog) to a story.

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Scraps of a Book Part 1: What is in a Story

What’s in a story? A lot of words – right, but what else? We take for granted the author’s creativity. Their hours toiling over scenarios, building plots, breathing life into characters, and let us not forget that they strive to

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I’ve started a new series of informative blogs today about the writing process. In the weeks to follow I have planned out four more short, but frank, posts to help guide a writer towards a better writing experience. Follow me

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Scraps of a Book

Do you have stacks of “How-To” books explaining the inner workings of building a manuscript? I could have an endless stack of books like the picture above if my wallet were a bottomless pit of cash. There is plenty of

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(via Stop Squatting on That Book. « Panhandling Fantasy) A publishing journey.

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Stop Squatting on That Book.

Publishing a manuscript isn’t as hard as it once was. Self-publishing has almost eradicated the need to stand on a snow covered doorstep waiting for the senior editor to pop his/her head out to check the mail to sell your

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