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Stepping Boldly into a Video Blog – and Stumbling Silently

In my first VBlog, I talk about publishing an ebook with the three top companies: Smashwords, Kindle Direct Publishing, and NookPress (formally PubIt). Find the books I’ve published with them here – Nook: Kindle: Smashwords: I also

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Book Release

It’s Release Day! Wenona Hulsey offers up her fourth riveting tale of romance in the Blood Burden Series. Synopsis: Before the war, before the powers, and before the world crashed in on him Luke met a mortal woman.Go back to

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Ringing in a New Year

What is the best thing you’ve uncovered recently? Flying cars going into production behind closed doors deep within a secret military base? Bigfoot stopping by your house for a cup of sugar? Maybe, because last month was October, the Underworld

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Posted in Entertainment   Paying that silly mobile bill again? STOP IT! Remember when you said you weren’t ever getting on social media cause it was for old people? Well you are here! It’s where everyone went. It’s about relationships and friendships

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What spending time means…

We had a blast at sports camp. Two days left before its over. He’ll be sad, but we can keep practicing until school starts. We hope to foster a deeper love of the game and sign him up in

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Changes to a Blog

I have recently added a few pages to this blog. Last year was a very turbulent one for me creating pitfalls at every turn when it came to writing. I got back to writing by the end of the year

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Contest Coming Soon.

What is this about? When will it be? How do I enter? Wouldn’t it be great to win a signed copy of the second Temperature series novel, an Amazon gift card, or both? Plans are in the works to do

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