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Ringing in the New Year.

When the winter months breach our warm comfort zone of fall, I find myself reminiscing over the last eleven months. Bad came with good and long exhausting hours behind a monitor paid off. The Scrooge in me tried several times

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When the Couch Eats Your Change – This is Where It Goes

 I’m working with Indiegogo to promote my third novel in the Temperature Trilogy.  We are seeking out pledges to fund the publishing dream. If you are a fan of my work, but cannot donate at this time you may want

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Ringing in a New Year

What is the best thing you’ve uncovered recently? Flying cars going into production behind closed doors deep within a secret military base? Bigfoot stopping by your house for a cup of sugar? Maybe, because last month was October, the Underworld

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teachingliteracy: ofletters: Parenting: you’re doing it right. Now we’re talking. Secret hideaway for kids may just beat out a fort made of blankets…

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What a leisure way to spend the day.

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What spending time means…

We had a blast at sports camp. Two days left before its over. He’ll be sad, but we can keep practicing until school starts. We hope to foster a deeper love of the game and sign him up in

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sepiashowers: Made some bookmarks earlier (: These are great for kids!

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Quick Link Update

The Michael J. Fox Foundation finished switching services and a new link is now available to access the donations site to watch our fundraising shine! Or if you would like to join our fundraising raffle please check out

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Free Your Mind and Help an Indie Novel

Excerpt from Temperature: Bitter Cold (Title Pending) (Visit KickStarter to find out more.) Gold had a way of locking memories away when used to restrain the undead. Sally had learned firsthand this truth when Bo had cuffed her in the

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