Accident prone?

    I tried to do this over my phone the other day and it kicked me out saying something was too long. This would have been posted earilier this week instead of to following weekend.
    My son last weekend wanted to show his independence by dropping the tailgate of a trailer so he could go play on it like a pirate. Of course he chose not to tell anyone what he was up to, but what he didn’t know was one of the pins holding the gate up wasn’t put in. When he released the first pin, he proceeded to walk in front of tne gate and made it about half way when the gate dropped down; knocking him to the ground smashing the hand and leaving a welt on his shoulder! He couldn’t move his fingers so off to the ER we went. The crying subsided as we made it and admitted him. Before he even got an x-ray, he was laughing and using both his hands, but at this point being admitted meant we were going to pay the copay regardless so he got the full work-up. Sad to say he didn’t get the chance to see the bones in his own hand, which I think he would have thought it cool enough for having to endure sitting so still for the x-rays, however, got a popcicle instead.
    Now for the next day. He makes it unscathed until Monday morning when he goes to summer school (summer daycare) and tries to show off during their freestyle dance time and drops to the ground for some "cool" moves even after being told not to and racks his eye on the rocking part of a rocking chair! The school calls my wife to let her know his eye is all swollen and he can’t open it.
    She asked,"Is he crying?"
    They replied,"Not anymore."
    "Then give him some ice for the swelling and I’ll be by later to get him," my wife said calmly. I just think she learned not to panic from what happened over the weekend and rush to see what the eye looked like.
    That was a great achievment by my wife as she did not jump on the impulse to run her son’s side at the first sign of a scratch. I think most parents run to their child’s aid when wolf is cried, however, we also learn a child has many levels of "wolf" to identify from broken pride to a broken leg and then give the appropriate responses. I wonder what future "wolf" calls he will end up hollering out? Hopefully none of them will require a cast or crutches.
    Accident prone? Not really, just not a good listener I think.

Adam Santo is a SciFi/Fantasy writer who enjoys the quiet moments to sit idly writing stories. His debut novel, Temperature: Dead and Rising, took the world for a ride they would soon not forget. Santo began plotting the second novel, Temperature: Bitter Cold, before the ink dried on his first book. Santo continues to write nonstop because he knows there is always a story waiting to get out. When he is not writing, Santo enjoys quality time with his family and friends, spending the occasional weekend at a movie theater, and reclaiming his youth when his son challenges him to a video game. Santo currently resides in sunny Florida with his beautiful wife and equally beautiful children.

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2 comments on “Accident prone?
  1. Zeke says:

    I enjoyed the story, but damn, he\’s one lil tough hombre :)Mom, you have definitely got it down. I am suprised Adam was not freaking out 😛

  2. Cori says:

    Thank you for your compliment… Hunny! -I know that I am OCD over our sons\’ health and saety.. but hell, look at what kind of world we live in .. Kool-Aid has red dye #40 in it ,which has been known to cause symptoms of over-activity in our kids.. SCREW YOU KOOL AID! use something else! Did you know that the medications that are supposed to help our children actually just cause more problems in the long run? Not due to "side effects" but due to short – mid- or long term use! Nasonex and Nasacort very heavily prescribed in children under 10 for seasonal allergies has the side effect of .. wait for it… wait for it…. SINUS INFECTION!!! HOLY HELL they must be in cahoots with the company that makes amoxicillin!!! umm. \’thought to self…\’ "are they made by the same manufacturer or sister companies?" I cant help but be strained when he leaves my side… this world is not meant for the faint of heart.. It is made for us 30 somethings that have had the best of everything, our parents made sure that we had better than they had.. only they forgot to "punch" the punks who suceeded in their various clubs of stature, Kiwanis club, Little women, National Honor Society for instance, and all of those Who\’s Who of High School Students who actually made something of themselves in spite of paying the $34.95 publishing fee to get his/ her name in the book .. that no one will ever read.. I am so very pleased that he did not really hurt himself…, but I think that over this past 4 and 3/4 years of his life, I have become more aware of the other factors threatening his and all of our health and safety.. toxins, pesticides, plastics, microwaves, immunizations, 2012.. landfills, parabens… the list is never-ending… But as long as I am his mother… Goddess willing, he will be safe! Luv you hunny!

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