‘Twas the Season…

  How do ever end up running amuck for celebrating a single holiday? I don’t think it matters which holiday it might be, but in the end finding something (anything) last minute has become a tradition for every family however you might look at it. This time for us it is Easter.

  My mom sent our son a monkey suit to wear for the Easter Sunday and was enamored from the start. He, of course, related the suit and tie a PS3 game called LittleBigPlanet as he does with any outfit he gets nowadays. He gets to dress up his character with the supplied tops or bottoms in the game and I might liken this to dressing up dolls for girls, but it is a game for all ages and sexes (by the way, he is going to be 5 yrs. old soon). Here he is in the suit without shoes… more on that in a bit and it is the reason for OUR last minute something.

  He couldn’t stand himself seeing the outfit day after day without being able to put it on. We gave in to his wants and put it on him, however, this made us think about the niceness of the getup and no shoes to really go with it. Now, because of work we had to hold off until Saturday to go get the shoes which meant going to  the “Big City” for shopping needs. Shoes. Shoes is all we were going for. Shoes is all we needed to find (laugh at any point of this you want – going to get “shoes” is only a reason and the hidden agenda creeps out later) in a city FULL of stores with all the mind, body, and stomach can handle.

  We get packed up into the car; after emptying it out of the daily routing things that fill it up with and this should have been my first hint I was coming back home with more than shoes. A new TV? A new computer? No, not this time. All that would have fit in the newly emptied car, but luckily the third row seating didn’t have to be laid down to accommodate the purchases.

  Once in  the “Big City” the first stop was not the shoe store or even close to one. Go figure. I did have fun taking my son to Best Buy so he could play the different consoles, however, the big hit there was the instrument room. Drums mostly. Next stop would have been the book store a little ways up, but the way this town is set up you can’t ‘just’ go there. You have to drive around until the entrance opens up such as in some fantasy novel where special secret words are chanted to light the way.

  Moving on to other stores, if there were any more as this part became a blur, made us realize the mall was the place to go. So, onward we headed as the pack mules we had become went to enter the mall parking lot.

  Mantic screams started in my head as I tried to get out the words “DON’T TURN!!!!” and came out go to the next exit, but it must have come out too mellow as my wife makes the turn asking why. It didn’t take long for our son to look up from his DS to see …….. the carnival. No way to get out of this one now.

  The words were repeats a great many times before after quite some time after about wanting to ride the Ferris wheel. $15 later for all three of us to ride in a circle a whole bunch of times we moved on to the mall. We hit a few shoe places that didn’t carry dress shoes and some other places that began to blur again, but we found the store at last. Went through a lot of different ones and almost left before seeing (get this) the window display with a shoe just right and it even fit! Later went to dinner and headed home, which is 1 1/2 hrs distance each way.

Now Easter Sunday. You might think the Terror of Tibet would be what comes next about my son, however, this was not the case and he did pretty well through church. Nana and Papa took him home after the services and Sunday school so no telling what went on there. My wife and I took the liberties of no child and …. took a nap.

  It was time to go over to my in-laws house for Easter dinner and again things were going good. We ate, cleaned each others car (remember this was mostly done Saturday and I wish I would have known about Sunday …), and had a good time. Are you still waiting for the “until”? Here it is.

  Our son seemed to have a great idea and thought to even include his 2 yr old cousin. While the 2 yr old held the hose, our son (at this point I will only claim half the responsibility) held a tack and decided his grandparents needed a soaker hose. How brilliant you say? sure if the hose was in the trash, but alas this was the good hose and there wasn’t a need to make a soaker hose. Can you guess he got in trouble? Sure he did. The hard part was telling his grandparents what he did and that he was sorry, now THAT was the hardest on him. This weekend he get to learn how to fix a hose.

  Looking forward to upcoming holidays already!

Adam Santo is a SciFi/Fantasy writer who enjoys the quiet moments to sit idly writing stories. His debut novel, Temperature: Dead and Rising, took the world for a ride they would soon not forget. Santo began plotting the second novel, Temperature: Bitter Cold, before the ink dried on his first book. Santo continues to write nonstop because he knows there is always a story waiting to get out. When he is not writing, Santo enjoys quality time with his family and friends, spending the occasional weekend at a movie theater, and reclaiming his youth when his son challenges him to a video game. Santo currently resides in sunny Florida with his beautiful wife and equally beautiful children.

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